Company History


We were founded by our CEO- Kurt Nederveld who launched the firm in January of 2014. Mr. Nederveld at the time had an extensive background in the capital markets, commercial real estate and corporate finance sector having advised over 100 firms in his work with Rainstar Capital Group's sister firm Rainstar Marketing.

Rainstar Capital Group launched its first sister company by partnering with a San Francisco based Commercial Real Estate Bridge Lender in the creation of DebtStar Capital in March of 2014. Mr. Nederveld saw an opportunity, after conducting extensive research to launch an investment firm focused on distressed debt in the residential sector with a focus on his home state of Michigan. DebtStar Capital is a private mortgage and capital management firm that specializes in making investments in non performing and performing notes secured by residential and commercial real estate nationwide with a special focus on Michigan. The firm also acquires bulk reo packages and commercial real estate assets for the purpose of capital growth or fixed income investment strategies. In December of 2016 DebtStar Capital completed its activities in the distressed mortgage space in Michigan due to pricing changes and lack of inventory. Rainstar Capital Group still looks at acquiring assets in Michigan but not under the DebtStar Capital firm.

Along with its investment activities Rainstar Capital Group began building its debt advisory platform in 2014. Many of the 200+ lenders that Rainstar Capital Group uses to this day are lenders that its sister marketing firm-Rainstar Marketing worked with. Rainstar Capital Group provides debt and growth advisory services to clients that have commercial real estate, corporate finance and equipment financing needs. With a diverse platform of Fund Managers and Specialty Finance firms RCG's team can custom design solutions to help clients achieve their debt funding goals.

In September of 2015 Rainstar Capital Group entered the Merchant Cash Advance and Small Business Funding sectors. Rainstar Capital Group invests capital into these niches through its direct internal funding programs for small and medium size businesses seeking an MCA product. Also the firm invests into other MCA funders through a process called syndication where the existing MCA funder invests half of the capital for the advance along with Rainstar Capital Group. Along with investing into new merchant cash advances, Rainstar Capital Group also acquires portfolios of distressed merchant cash advance funder's portfolios. Finally RCG has developed an internal funding division where its senior funding specialists work with clients to identify the best funding solutions for its clients. 

In October of 2016 RCG launched a direct lending platform for equipment transactions up to 500k. The firm funds equipment deals up to 500k through its 4 Hour Funding program.  RCG is backed by a fin tech lender that table funds the transactions and holds the paper upon completion of the transaction.

In January of 2017 RCG began investing into online web based platforms revolving around e-training for finance brokers, lead generation, borrowers and lenders. The firm currently owns over twenty internet brands that center around connecting borrowers to capital.

Today Mr. Nederveld and the staff at Rainstar Capital Group continue to look at and make prudent investments in distressed debt, real estate, commercial real estate, technology, media, companies and residential tax liens. If you have a transaction that you would like RCG to review please reach out to us through the contact us page!