PLEASE NOTE: Rainstar Capital Group NEVER Engages in telemarketing activities. As of today, February 21, 2019, the Leadership of Rainstar was notified that a telemarketing firm from Bangladesh, using the names “Brian Foster” and “Arslon Harsolic,” has been telemarketing companies, claiming that they work for our firm, and one of our past employees, Howard Rosen. THIS IS FALSE.

Please note that this Telemarketer IS NOT from our firm and that our attorneys are investigating the matter.

Rainstar DOES NOT ENGAGE IN OUTBOUND TELEMARKETING SERVICES and receives most of its business from referrals and social media inquiries.

If you receive a phone call from this firm please notify help@rainstarcapitalgroup.com and document the phone number and/or email address the telemarketer gives. Our legal council will handle this shortly.

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