Rainstar Capital Group Portfolio of Companies

Rainstar Capital Group is dedicated to providing best in class service to the companies and brands that it invests into and has sister relationships with. Rainstar Capital Group focuses on investing in and building companies that focus on the capital markets and high growth niches. Please feel free to learn more about our companies by clicking on the different links.

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DebtStar Capital is a private mortgage and capital management firm that specializes in making investments in non-performing and performing notes secured by residential and commercial real estate nationwide with a special focus on Michigan. The firm also acquires bulk reo packages and commercial real estate assets for the purpose of capital growth or fixed income investment strategies.

Rainstar Marketing has developed the Ultimate Real Estate Capital Network a platform comprised of Banks, hedge funds, SBA, CMSB, Hard Money, Asset Based, Bridge and Mezzanine lenders that lend on all asset classes in commercial real estate in the United States. The members lend on transactions 100k and up and provide all forms of the capital stack. Rainstar Marketing provides the members a lead generation platform through the advertising network it has built. 

To access our lenders please reach out to us via our contact us page.


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Rainstar Marketing is a leading marketing and advisory firm whose clients include major banks, hedge funds, specialty finance companies, family offices, and private equity firms that lend in the commercial real estate and corporate finance sectors. Rainstar Marketing specializes in advising firms how to use social media, specifically LinkedIN, to generate leads to grow their business. Rainstar Marketing has developed two capital networks- Ultimate Real Estate Capital Network and Ultimate Commercial Finance Capital Network- whose members are direct asset based and real estate lenders. Rainstar Marketing also operates the Ultimate Broker Capital Network which is a membership based platform for Capital Advisory firms providing them necessary resources, lender advisory and marketing/branding solutions to grow their revenues.


The Ultimate Commercial Finance Capital Network is a private membership based platform created by Rainstar Marketing that's members include banks, private equity firms, family offices, venture capital firms and asset based lending firms. The members specialize in funding in the following niches for businesses asset based lending, working capital, lines of credit, corporate loans, equipment financing , DPO financing, factoring. merger/acquisitions financing, accounts receivables financing , credit facilities, bridge financing, turnaround financing, re-discount lines, restructuring financing, contract financing, invoice purchasing and inventory funding.

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Quickcashnetwork.com is an online portal backed by industry leading funders that provide capital to small and medium size businesses across the United States. Quickcashnetwork.com is your one stop shop for funding for your business. If you are needing quick cash for your business we have programs that can get our clients funded inside of 24 hours! We provide the following funding solutions to businesses:

-Revenue Based Advance
-Merchant Cash Advance
-Business Lines of Credit
-Inventory Financing
-Equipment Leasing
-Accounts Receivables Factoring

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4Hourloan.com is a web based portal that connects borrowers directly to our 4 Hour Business Term Loan Program. The Platform is backed by a Fintech lender that provides working capital as a monthly term loan up to $75,000 with no prepayment penalty. Borrowers can apply on 4Hourloan.com for quick financing.

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Nocreditcheckcreditline.com is a web based portal that connects borrowers directly to our No Credit Check Credit Line program. The Platform is backed by a Fintech lender that provides a working capitalsolution as a credit line  up to $100,000 with no prepayment penalty. Borrowers can apply on nocreditcheckcreditline.com and be preapproved and funded in 24 hours. 


Bridgetobankable.com is a web based platform that provides education and financing solutions to clients that do not qualify for bank financing. Bridgetobankable.com is backed by Rainstar Capital Group and its 200 registered lenders providing commercial real estate, corporate finance, small business and equipment financing. Come learn today how you can go from alternative financing back to being bankable!